All the forms and material (other than COVID-19 test results) must be submitted to the organiser by 17:00 (16:00 CET, 15:00 UTC) on 15th of February!


Due to the on-going pandemic, Finland has closed its borders to all passenger transport except for travellers whose travelling is related to essential work and groups with special dispensation. Arctic Rally Finland has been granted such dispensation. In order for us to be able to run the event, the protocols agreed with the Frontier Guard and local Medical Authorities will apply with immediate effect, i.e. also for any travel in conjunction with pre-event testing etc. The following must be adhered to:

  • All testing protocols concerning entry to Finland and movement within the country (applied to Finnish citizens, too).
  • All information must be sent to organiser using the templates given here at this site
  • Sufficient time must be reserved for the test results to arrive and entry to event areas can be granted. Meanwhile you must remain in quarantine at your accommodation and avoid any unnecessary movement in public.
  • Each participant is responsible for following the Authorities’ and the Organisers’ COVID-19 protocols and recommendations also in their spare time, i.e. staying within their group bubble when in accommodation, eating in their agreed dining areas, using medical masks, keeping social distance and taking care of hand hygiene.

Required information

To gain COVID accreditation and entry to the event site you MUST provide the following materials:

When the accreditation is validated and PCR Test Result have been submitted, the organizer will provide your stakeholders’ responsible person with group invitation letter which is required to enter Finland

High Density and Low Density Areas

All event sites are categorised as either High Density Areas (HD) or Low Density Areas (LD). All personnel at the event are accredited to either of these areas and can only visit their designated sites and only interact with persons with the same designation. For example the service park is designated as a High Density Area and the special stages as Low Density Areas. Thus personnel working at the stages do not have access to the service park.


In order for the Organiser to be able to ensure the event safety of Arctic Rally Finland for and with you, you are required to follow all of the following procedures:

  1. Fill out the COVID-19 accreditation form by person via this site and the “Materials” section
  2. Fill out and send the required FIA documents to AND
  3. Make sure that you pre-purchase your mandatory COVID-19 arrival test from the Organisers’ online store OR See the billing option in the “Testing and prices” section (METTHOD 2) . More information about this in the “Testing and prices” section
    1. LD-accredited personnel will be required take a rapid / antigen test as soon as they arrive in Rovaniemi.
    2. HD-accredited personnel will following the rules below:
      1. From within Finland: PCR test at the residence town max. 48 hours before coming to Rovaniemi OR PCR test at Rovaniemi (NOTE! You must stay in quarantine at your accommodation until the test result is confirmed.)
      2. From abroad: Before coming to Finland, max. 72h old PCR test (from testing date) in the country of origin. A new test when arriving to Finland OR the latest at Rovaniemi. Either rapid / antigen or PCR test, see rule below.
      3. PCR test is valid for 96h from testing time and date IF requirements in rules above are fulfilled. Please also see Examples 1 and 2.
Example 1

The person arrives to Finland on 20 Feb and is an HD-accredited person. The PCR test is still valid for 23-24 Feb as 96h is not passed already. You will also be required a rapid / antigen test as stated in rule 2.1.

Example 2

The person arrives to Finland on 17 Feb and is ab HD-accredited person. The PCR test is no longer valid as 96h has passed and the person requires a new PCR test.

  1. When booking your accommodations please notify your hotel or accommodation service provider on which category you are accredited in (HD/LD) so they can arrange your accommodation accordingly.
  2. Take a PCR test in your country of origin. Note that the test result must not be more than 72h old when entering Finland. Submit your PCR test result via the submit form on this site. Please also keep the test result available with you when entering Finland as Finnish Border Control may want to confirm your test result themselves.
  3. When coming abroad make sure you have your letter of invitation for Finnish Border Security. You will receive this from your stakeholders responsible person.
  4. After entering Finland make sure you take the pre-purchased COVID-19 test in Rovaniemi (antigen or PCR depending on what is needed, see more info in section 3 above) ). More info (for example opening hours) can be found in the “Testing and prices” section
  5. Stay in quarantine at your accommodation until you have received your test results. All test result must be negative. After receiving your test result you can get your COVID-19 accreditation (HD / LD depending on your role in the event) from the COVID-19 accreditation office. The location and opening hours of the office can be found in the “COVID-19 Accreditation” section below.
  6. Obey the rules regarding HD/LD personnel and the AKK Sports Ltd. COVID Protocol as well as FIA Appendix S.
  7. If you have ANY symptoms any time, please follow these instructions
    1. Go to quarantine IMMEDIATELY!
    2. Contact Arctic Rally Finland COVID Medical Officer Risto Kinnunen via tel. +358 40 178 9420 and for more info.
    3. Obey the instructions and commands given to you by Medical Officer.
  8. If you stay in Finland more than 6 days you will need another COVID-19 -test (rapid / antigen test). Also if you need another COVID-19 for the return to your country of origin, you can pre-purchase these tests also from the Organisers’ online store (ONLINE STORE LINK 2) See more info on how to book and pay that test in the “Testing and prices” section below.
  9. If you need PCR test in order to enter your country of origin, please clarify this also in the COVID Accreditation Form. If you have missed that step please contact Arctic Rally Finland COVID team via
  10. The Arctic Rally Finland COVID team will also answer all COVID related questions and problems so please do not hesitate to contact us via

Invitation Letter

After stakeholders’ responsible person has sent in the FIA Stakeholder Commitment Form and the FIA Covered Event Attendee List, which are due 17:00 (16:00 CET, 15:00 UTC) on 15th of February, the organiser will provide your stakeholders’ responsible person with the group invitation letter. The letter is required to enter Finland. Be prepared to present this document for Border Control in order to grant your entry.

Materials and Links

The online store for purchasing COVID-19 tests

Arctic Rally Finland COVID-19 Accreditation and self-declaration form
Arctic Rally Finland COVID-19 test submission form (Requires Google account)

The documents below should be sent to AND

Note: Attendees who are required to enter high population density working areas at a Venue (High Density Areas / HD) are referred to in FIA Covered Event Attendee List Template as Profile 1 Attendees. Attendees who are only required to enter low population density working areas at a Venue (Low Density Areas / LD) are referred to as Profile 2 Attendees. All groups arriving to the event must fill and submit both the FIA Stakeholder Commitment Form and the FIA Covered Event Attendee List and each person at the event must be on one Stakeholder’s list. WRC Attendee Commitment Form must be submitted by each individual themselves who have not submitted the form during the 2021 WRC season. See the Appendix S to the International Sporting Code above for more information on attendee profiles.

Testing open hours and prices

All COVID-19 testing in Rovaniemi is done in partnership with Mehiläinen health-care provider.

NOTE! Fill out the proxy form and take it with you to the testing and give it to the testers. Without it the organizer cannot have your test results from Mehiläinen.

COVID-19 test prices

PCR-test 205 €
Rapid (antigen) test 105 €

Payment methods

All tests need to be purchased and paid before before you get your COVID accreditation (bracelets).

Method 1: Online store

Online Store for purchasing COVID-19 tests.

All tests need to be purchased and paid before going to the test site.

Method 2: Billing

  1. Requests of billings will be sent to:
  2. Subject line must include: “COVID-19 testing team/company name
  3. Billing requests must be submitted at latest on Wednesday 17.02.2021 at 10.00 (9.00 CET)
  4. The billing request must include:
    • The name of the company/team
    • The address of the company/team
    • E-mail address where to send the bill
    • Number of the PCR tests
    • Names of the PCR test attendees
    • Number of the rapid (antigen) tests
    • Names of the rapid (antigen) test attendees
  5. The receipt for the payment must be submitted to the thread as reply.
Testing facilities at Rovaniemi

Sairaalakatu 1, Rovaniemi (Drive-In testing)

Open hours

Fri, 19 Feb, 7.30-14.30
Sat, 20 Feb, 8.30-19.00
Sun, 21 Feb, 8.30-19.00
Mon, 22 Feb, 7.30-21.00
Tue, 23 Feb, 7.30-21.00
Wed, 24 Feb, 7.30-21.00
Thu, 25 Feb, 7.30-21.00
Fri, 26 Feb, 7.30-21.00
Sat, 27 Feb, 8.30-11.30 and 16:00-21:00
Sun, 28 Feb, 8.30-11.30
Mon, 1 Mar, 7.30-11.30

PCR and antigen Testing Facilities at the Service Park

PCR and antigen testing is available at Service Park for HD accredited people leaving Finland.

Open hours

Friday, 26 February, 12:00 – 18:00
Saturday, 27 February, 13:00 – 18:00

COVID-19 Accreditation

You must complete your COVID-19 Accreditation at the COVID-19 Accreditation Office before entering any other Arctic Rally Finland venues or tasks in the event venue (for example getting your materials from Rally HQ). Before accreditation you must have filled the documents described earlier, paid your test and received your test result either via SMS or from mobile app (Finnish citizens only). Until that you must remain in quarantine at your accommodation.

COVID-19 Accreditation Bracelet

Upon completing your COVID-19 Accreditation at the COVID-19 Accreditation Office, you will receive a personal, colour coded bracelet to signify your status as a COVID-19 accredited person in the event AND your assigned group: LD or HD. The bracelet will be checked when entering event areas and only personnel who belong in the correct group will be allowed in. All event sites are designated as LD or HD only and only accessible with the correct bracelet AND other site required credentials.

COVID-19 Accreditation Office open hours

The COVID-19 Accreditation Office is located outside any LD & HD areas and must be visited to complete your COVID-19 Accreditation before entering any event sites. You MUST also wait for your COVID-19 test results to arrive BEFORE entering the COVID-19 Accreditation Office.

Santasport (Hiihtomajantie 6, Rovaniemi)
Sun, 21 Feb, 16 – 20
Mon, 22 Feb, 08 – 20
Tue, 23 Feb, 08 – 20
Wed, 24 Feb, 08 – 20
Thu, 25 Feb, 08 – 20

NOTE! The COVID-19 Accreditation Office is relocated to Scandic Pohjanhovi (Pohjanpuistikko 2, Rovaniemi) from Friday until Sunday

Scandic Pohjanhovi (Pohjanpuistikko 2, Rovaniemi)
Fri, 26 Feb, 08 – 22
Sat, 27 Feb, 12 – 22
Sun, 28 Feb, 10 – 19

Rally Office
Mon, 1 Mar, TBA

Use a face mask and take care of hand hygiene